Sharing knowledge about archives, records and information management

We created Archival Strategies to share and receive knowledge in a professional domain that has shifting and elusive boundaries. Information managers must understand and work with a variety of disciplines within their organisations. Those disciplines and organisations change throughout our careers due to technological and socio-economic factors. The pace of change is fast, and it’s difficult for us to keep up alone.

Archival Strategies is one attempt amongst many to curate content relating to archives, records and information management. From the microblog stream of consciousness, one or two links of the day that we find interesting are given a hashtag, posted on Facebook, routed to Twitter, and captured in Scoop.it! for you to enjoy too. A topic may inspire a new entry on this WordPress blog, but for the most part the links will speak for themselves. We see this as a collective endeavour and you are invited to join the Archival Strategies community to like, comment, retweet, follow and share links that you have found useful.

Official website www.archivalstrategies.com

Archival Strategies is listed in the 100 Best Records Management Resources on the Web published by the Information and Records Management Society.

LinkedIn profile http://www.linkedin.com/in/stephenjameshoward

Header image of Volkszählung (Census), by Anselm Kiefer, 1991, mixed media with lead books. Permanent installation at the Museum für Gegenwart (Museum for Contemporary Art), Invalidenstraße, Berlin. Photo taken by Brigitte Gualde.


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