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“Why intergovernmental organisations need more information managers just like you– a presentation delivered by Stephen James Howard to the London group of the Information & Records Management Society on Thursday 13th September 2012 at the Heritage Lottery Fund, London. James Lappin from Thinking Records also delivered a presentation at this event on “Records management approaches in European Union institutions”.

The presentation started with a video statement by Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General, from June 2010.

“Hello everybody, archives hold the key to our human story. They are the root, the source; they are our precious store of eyewitness account and original documents. Thousands of people look after archives all over the world. On behalf of all of us, I pay tribute to their indispensable work. The United Nations is proud to take an active part in preserving our common heritage. Since 1945, we have documented a story of our times in writing, in photographs, in sound recordings and in video. New technology provides great opportunities to share this rich inheritance. Archives only come alive when they are open and accessible to all. We must treasure them and preserve them for future generations.”

Read the full presentation here.